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Welcome to Levant Mediterranean Catering where we bring the flavors and ambiance of the Mediterranean directly to your events. We are excited to present catering services that mirror the exceptional dining experience we offer at our restaurant. With a commitment to delivering culinary excellence, impeccable timing, and hygiene standards, we ensure your special occasions are elevated to unforgettable heights.



    Levant Mediterranean Restaurant Catering Service

    Punctual and Irresistible

    At Levant Mediterranean Catering, we value the importance of timeliness in every event. Much like the meticulous preparation of our dishes at our restaurant, we guarantee prompt delivery of your catering order, ensuring that the essence and allure of Mediterranean cuisine remain intact. Be it a corporate function, a wedding reception, or a social gathering, count on us for consistently timely service, never compromising on the flavors that make our cuisine so captivating.

    The Jewel of the Mediterranean Table: Sarma

    Caring for Cleanliness

    At Levant Mediterranean Catering, we prioritize both hygiene and safety. We understand the significance of not only offering delicious food but also preparing and handling it with meticulous care. Our dedicated team adheres to rigorous hygiene protocols to guarantee that each dish upholds the highest quality standards—from our kitchen to your event—so that you can enjoy your meal with absolute peace of mind.

    The Delicate Secret of Flavor: Lahmacun's Soft Dough, Rich Filling

    Indulge in Mediterranean Delights

    Our commitment to the craft of Mediterranean cuisine ensures that your catering order embodies the authentic flavors that characterize our restaurant. We take pride in delivering dishes that are not only impeccably prepared but also served at the ideal temperature. Each mouthful will whisk you away to the Mediterranean coast, enabling you to relish the genuine essence of this cuisine.

    Grilled Dream: The Blended Flavor of Beef Kebab