How to Plan the Perfect Mediterranean Dinner Party: Tips and Tricks from Levant

a. Start with an Array of Mezze

Mezze are essential to a Mediterranean dinner party, providing guests with a wide selection of small dishes to enjoy. Consider offering Levant’s signature plates like muhammara, hummus, and Baba Ghanoush to give your guests a taste of authentic Mediterranean appetizers. Pair these with fresh pita bread or lavash for a complete mezze experience.

b. Create a Diverse Main Course Selection

Balance your menu with a mix of seafood, kebabs, and vegetarian options. Levant’s kebabs (like Chicken Shish and Beef Lulah) and seafood specialties (such as Grilled Salmon and Sea Bass) are perfect for creating a varied and satisfying Mediterranean main course selection. Don’t forget to include sides like bulgur or pilaf to round out the meal.

c. Offer a Range of Refreshing Salads

Salads play a crucial role in Mediterranean cuisine, providing freshness and variety. Levant’s Caprese Salad, Greek Salad, and Tuna Salad are ideal choices for a Mediterranean dinner party. The vibrant mix of vegetables and herbs adds color and flavor to the table.

d. Don’t Forget Dessert and Drinks

End your dinner on a high note with Levant’s desserts like Baklava or Tiramisu, and serve herbal teas or Turkish coffee. For a more decadent treat, consider offering guests Levant’s Kunafa, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert served with ice cream or clotted cream. Complement the desserts with a selection of Mediterranean-inspired drinks like pomegranate juice or mint tea.

e. Setting the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Mediterranean Dinner

The ambiance plays a key role in setting the mood for your dinner party. Create a warm, inviting atmosphere with soft lighting, traditional table settings, and Mediterranean music. Encourage your guests to share their favorite dishes and stories to foster a lively and memorable dining experience.