Exploring the Diversity of Pide: Levant's Guide to Turkish Flatbreads

a. What Is Pide and How Is It Different from Pizza?

Pide is a traditional Turkish flatbread that’s similar to pizza but with distinct characteristics. It has a unique oblong shape, and the dough is usually filled with ingredients like soujouk, minced beef, or cheese, making it a versatile and delicious Mediterranean flatbread. While pizza has a round shape and is topped with tomato sauce and cheese, pide is more like a stuffed flatbread, baked to a crisp crust with a soft, flavorful filling.

b. Levant’s Signature Pide Selection

At Levant, our pide options include varieties like Soujouk Pide (with mozzarella cheese and Mediterranean spices) and Beef Pide (with finely chopped beef, onion, and parsley). Each pide is baked to perfection, offering an authentic taste of Turkish cuisine. Our pide selection also includes Pide with Chicken and Pide with Cheese, providing something for every palate.

c. How to Incorporate Pide into Your Next Meal

Pide makes an excellent main course, appetizer, or even a light snack. Pair your pide with Levant’s fresh salads or mezze plates to create a well-rounded Mediterranean meal. Alternatively, serve pide alongside a variety of dips like hummus or tzatziki for a more casual dining experience.

d. Pide’s Cultural Significance in Turkish Cuisine

Pide holds a special place in Turkish cuisine, often served during special occasions like holidays and family gatherings. Its portability and filling nature make it a popular street food, while its variety of toppings provides endless possibilities for creativity. At Levant, we honor this tradition by using authentic recipes and fresh ingredients.