Discover the Perfect Mezze Plates:A Culinary Journey with Levant

a. What Is Mezze and Why Is It So Popular?

Mezze is a selection of small dishes served as appetizers in Mediterranean cuisine. These shareable plates are often served before the main course and provide an excellent introduction to the flavors of the region. At Levant, our mezze plates include hummus, muhammara, and stuffed grape leaves, each offering a unique flavor that represents the diversity of the region. The emphasis on fresh herbs, spices, and olive oil makes mezze a refreshing and light way to start any meal.

b. The Best Mezze Plates to Try at Levant

Levant’s mezze plates are the perfect way to explore Mediterranean flavors. Our Special Mezza Plate includes sarma (stuffed grape leaves), muhammara, and shak shuka, providing a well-rounded sampling of traditional favorites. Pair these with fresh pita bread and tzatziki for a light yet satisfying appetizer experience.

c. How Mezze Fits into a Mediterranean Dining Experience

In Mediterranean cuisine, mezze plates are not just appetizers; they are a central part of social gatherings. At Levant, we embrace this tradition, encouraging our guests to share and savor these delicious small plates as part of a complete Mediterranean dining experience. Mezze promotes a culture of sharing and conversation, making it perfect for friends and family to enjoy together.

d. Levant’s Creative Mezze Pairings for Every Occasion

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a large event, Levant offers creative mezze pairings that can be tailored to suit any occasion. Our chefs can customize a mezze platter that complements your main courses, ensuring that your guests are treated to a diverse and flavorful selection.